Being happily married is important. It does take a lot of work—especially when you have four children and a husband who commutes to a different city each week. In every marriage, periods of stress, boredom, and poor communication are part of the course. This February, we will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. What does it take to have a healthy and happy marriage? These are what I think are most important (and the order doesn’t matter):

  1. Communication — It is important to be on the same page. You need to make collaborative decisions together. Talking is better than texting!

  2. Change — Things can get dull and boring. Try new restaurants, go to a farmers market or a bookstore together. Wear something sexy to bed

  3. Sex — Don’t stop!!!! Keep it interesting and fun.

  4. Date nights — An absolute must. It doesn’t need to be at night. You need time to reconnect. Go to dinner, movies, a comedy show, shopping. At least once a week. There is no excuse!

Me and my hubby on a date day at the Ghetty Museum