Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love to eat it and I love to make it. It is the most important meal of the day so it should be healthy and substantial. In this picture, I made a breakfast bowl with arugula, quinoa, over-medium eggs, bacon, jalapeños, and a gluten-free bagel. Arugula is one of my favorite types of lettuce. It has a very unique taste, kind of peppery. I love to put arugula in a salad, on a pizza, or with chicken. Arugula provides calcium, potassium, B vitamins and C & K ( all good for the skin). Quinoa is a great addition to a recipe. I love to get the microwavable packets from Trader Joe’s. Quinoa is high in fiber, gluten-free, high in protein and low glycemic. I always buy grass fed, cage-free eggs. All the hens producing the eggs are free to run and socialize, rather than packed in a cage where they can’t move. They are raised CAGE FREE and have nests to lay their eggs in. They are fed a 100% vegetable diet and are free from hormones and antibiotics. My family loves spice. I am always adding jalapeños or serrano peppers to my dishes. In this bowl, I just cut up a half of jalapeño and slice it thin. I also remove the seeds, to lessen the heat. I have a lot of different types of breads that I use. My family really likes the gluten-free options. I personally feel a lot better not eating gluten, I feel less bloated for sure. The claimed benefits of a gluten-free diet are improved health, weight loss, and increased energy.