As you have probably heard and seen, the community of Oak Park has been devastated by the recent fires.  My good friend, who is a teacher at Oak Hills Elementary, has disclosed that in her district alone, there are 30 families who have lost everything. They have lost their homes, cars, clothing, toys, electronics—everything. Nine families are homeless. They are requesting gift cards so that they can buy exactly what they want and need.  You can give me gift cards directly or donate on this site, and I am personally getting the gift cards and handing them over to the teacher.  These cards are going directly to the families.  Thank you for your care and support.

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UPDATE: We raised over $30,000. The school suggested that we give the families gift cards instead of cash. Gift cards were purchased from Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and some selected grocery stores. We are so happy to have helped these families in need and hope that they can have a somewhat decent holiday.