Beautiful picture right? This is me after hiking in the pouring rain for 2 hours, but I managed!! Beautiful picture right? This is me after hiking in the pouring rain for 2 hours, but I managed!!

I’ve done many diets, cleanses, and workout routines throughout my life and nothing compares to the transformation and results that you get from The Pearl Laguna. I have been going to retreats along with The Pearl for the past 17 years. After my recent visit in the past week, I managed to lose 5 lbs and a total of 18.5 inches all over my body. Every time I finish this retreat, I cannot believe how incredible I feel. I feel stronger, less bloated and most importantly, my head is clear, even colors seem brighter. I was slightly disappointed on this past visit because all of the state parks were closed due to rain, and we didn’t get to hike on any trails. I had to get over my disappointing attitude and stick on my gratitude hat and look at the positive side to the experience. I hiked the shit out of the steep concrete roads in Newport and Laguna, even conquered a day of pouring rain!!!

Friends or family will consistently ask me how my “spa” or” vacation” was and I remind them that it isn’t that at all, it’s more of a “boot camp”. So you can get a better idea of a typical day at The Pearl, I have listed a schedule with a little bit of an explanation

6:30 am- wake up call-light knock on the door

Lemon water helps maintain the PH balance of the body, it’s antibacterial, detoxifying and helps with digestion and metabolism.

7:00 am- Yoga-The morning yoga at The Pearl is Geo’s Power Yoga, which is sometimes taught by Geo himself. Geo is the father of Power Yoga and has a big following worldwide.

Katresha and Geo. The founders and owners of The Pearl, they are true gems Katresha and Geo. The founders and owners of The Pearl, they are true gems

8:00 am- breakfast- Mostly poached fruit ( not my favorite) with Kiefer and nuts. My favorite is eggs twice a week. herbal tea

Get ready for a hike– fill camelbacks with water and grab a snack (usually cut up fruit)

9:00-load vans, go hiking

9:30-12:30-hike- a daily guided hike in the spectacular canyons and trails of Laguna Beach. I don’t want to sugar coat, they are not easy!!

The usual beautiful hikes of Laguna The usual beautiful hikes of Laguna My wonderful group for the week My wonderful group for the week

12:45-return from the hike, juice- after your exhausting hike you are given a delightful fresh juice. Whatever is in season. My favorite is the carrot, apple, celery, parsley.

1:00- lunch-organic vegetarian meals for the week, for lunch usably a green salad with a goat or feta cheese, or one of my favorites, a seaweed hand roll with carrot, cucumber, avocado, and sprouts. herbal tea

A delicious salad for lunch A delicious salad for lunch

2:00- 5:00-massage- every day you get an hour massage (by incredible masseuses) and it is a necessity to be able to walk the following day. You are also given a fresh organic mask to put on your face

The best masseuses are sought after The best masseuses are sought after

5:30-broth- all veggies, hot and comforting

Organic Vegetable brother every day Organic Vegetable brother every day

6:00-yoga-Evening yoga tends to be more restorative and can include Sound Bath, which I particularly love or Tai Chi. Katresha (Geo’s wife) who is also a guru of yoga meditation, wellness, and nutrition joins in class and spreads her amazing energy and love into the room.

7:00-dinner-organic vegetarian meals for the week, for dinner, always a hot meal and loaded with vegetables, herbal tea

8:30-night night-recommend to go to bed early and get a good nights rest. You stay in a beautiful private room (organic mattresses and linens) and a private bath.

Some days are changed up a bit and there may be a weight class, pilates, water class, Thai Chi, or even a cooking demonstration. It sounds pretty rigorous, but the best part of the Pearl is that there is plenty of downtimes to rest. My favorite is the infrared sauna. Infrared saunas are a type of sauna that uses heat and light to help relax and detoxify the body.

Frequently asked questions about The Pearl Laguna:

How much is The Pearl Laguna?

The cost of the all-inclusive program is $5,800. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking

How long is the program?

The week-long retreat begins on Sunday at 3:00 pm and ends on Saturday at noon. For guests wishing to extend their retreat, maximizing health and weight-loss, The Pearl offers multi-week programs and can customize or do group programs.

How do I get there?

I drive because it is so close. Flying into and out of either Orange County (SNA) or Long Beach (LGB) is convenient and The Pearl Laguna include complimentary shuttle service for these airports during the specified pick up times.

Do I have to be in good shape to go to The Pearl Laguna?

No, you don’t, but it is a good idea to try to get some cardio in 2-3 weeks before. Also, try to stop caffeine and sugar a couple of weeks before arrival. This will help lessen the effects that you will have while detoxing. The team at The Pearl watches the clients closely to see how they are managing and can modify a hike for someone when needed.

What do I need to bring?

Not a lot. You have laundry service every day. For your hikes, you want to wear something comfortable. Either shorts or leggings. Mornings are usually chilly but you will warm up quickly. I bring light layers. At hat for sure. Longer socks, so no rocks will go into your socks. Comfortable running shoes or hiking shoes. Try not to bring the brand new shoes. It’s not a great time to break them in. Something comfortable for yoga. A bathing suit for the pool and infrared sauna. Some flip flops or slippers. A camelback for water for the hikes.

What if I am hungry or not feeling well?

The Pearl has this week down to a science. They are watching each individual person and making sure everyone is ok and feeling well. Most everyone does through some sort of detox the first couple of days, usually from sugar. You also have a tendency to get constipated. At The Pearl, they know exactly what to give you and it’s usually organic and safe. Just speak up if you are hungry and they will give you what you need. They also have qualified people to wrap up or mend any feet issues that may arise from the hikes (blisters, hot spots, etc)

How much weight will I lose?

Upon arrival, you will be weighed and measured from head to toe. On the morning of your last day, you will do the same weigh in and measuring. The weight loss and measuring are different for everyone. Some years I have lost 9 lbs, this year I lost 5lbs. What is amazing is the loss of inches. This year I lost 18 inches overall

Can I drink coffee, I can’t live without it first thing in the morning

Sorry, no caffeine, alcohol or sugar, or extra food for that matter. If you want the best results, follow the program. You will be happy you did.

Will I have time to work during the week?

Hopefully, you give yourself the week off. The Pearl realizes that many people have their own companies and employees. They recommend to try to have downtime, take an hour and check emails and make phone calls. Leave all technology in your room and try not to bring out in front of other guests who are trying to refrain.

Can I come with my spouse?

The Pearl suggest to not go with a significant other. Sometimes when couples go, they are constantly worrying about each other. This is such a good time to focus on yourself. Be selfish!! One of the best attributes of going to The Pearl is the interesting and amazing people you meet from all over the world

My niece Tally and I on our last day at The Pearl My niece Tally and I on our last day at The Pearl