Let’s be honest; holiday traditions are what make this time of the year so memorable. Every family has its own holiday traditions that they follow each year, be it attending a local parade, shopping for gifts together, or participating in outdoor activities.

While the pandemic may have made some of these traditions impossible to carry out, here are a few traditions you can still participate in.  

holiday décor representing the festive season

Religious Service  

You may not be able to visit a synagogue during Hanukkah this year or attend a church sermon in person on Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still participate in the religious services. Like many other events and festivities, religious sermons and activities are also available via virtual streaming to ensure you don’t miss out on this important holiday tradition.

You can look up available options online or even use apps to discover virtual religious services for the holidays. This way, even if you and your family can’t make it to the sermon physically or be at the same place at a time, you all can still attend the religious service together online. It’ll still be a family experience; just a virtual one.

Family Dinner

The holidays may seem a little incomplete without the whole family sitting down for a grand feast, but you can still salvage this experience via virtual dinners. Your siblings may not be able to fly in this year and a potluck may not be possible, but hey, don’t give up on the big family dinner just yet. This year, take your family dinner to Zoom and enjoy each other’s company virtually.

You can even make the dinner preparations a communal activity by agreeing on a pre-decided menu that all of you can prepare at your homes. Alternately, you can all make your own version of a holiday classic dish, or exchange recipes. Dress up for dinner, light up some candles, and enjoy the meal together with your family!

table set for a virtual family dinner

Holiday Card

If you always sent out traditional family holiday cards and are unable to create one with the whole family this year, why not go digital and create one with present family members? This will save you a trip to the post office and also encourage your family to get as creative as possible.

Since all of you are spread out across the country/city, this is your chance to put your unique spin on your holiday greeting card. Your family members will have the chance to do the same, and you can exchange these holiday cards online.

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Happy Holidays!