It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means: desserts, desserts, and more desserts! 

The holidays are all about appeasing your sweet tooth, and there are plenty of ways to do that. Here’s our pick of desserts to enjoy this holiday season.  

Espresso Caramel Shortbread Bars

Tired of making the same old fudge bars each holiday season? Take your dessert bars up a notch by making espresso caramel shortbread bars instead this year.

These coffee-infused caramel bars are the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. The bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the caramel create just the right balance you’re looking for, and adding some chocolate ganache gives them the gooey texture you crave.

The method is pretty simple too. Once you’ve baked and cooled your shortbread, add a generous layer of homemade caramel on top and spread it evenly (pro tip: use brown sugar instead of white sugar for that golden-brown color).  Next, add the final layer, i.e. the coffee filled chocolate ganache. Sprinkle over some sea salt or orange zest for extra tanginess, and voila! Your espresso caramel shortbread bars are ready to be devoured.

Classic New York Style Cheesecake

Here’s one thing we can never get tired of is a good old New York style cheesecake. It’s a holiday staple and is popular among kids as well as adults. The best part about a cheesecake is that you can top it with pretty much anything you want. Had a chocolate ganache topping the last time? Go for a berry coulis this year. Alternately, you can replace the saucy topping with some fresh berries, fruit slices, or graham crackers. And hey, there’s nothing remotely boring about skipping the toppings altogether and keeping the cake bare. It’ll taste delicious regardless!

Cheesecakes are fairly easy to make and don’t involve a lot of fuss. There are two components t the dessert: the crust and the filling. For the crust, simply blitz together some graham crackers, melted butter, and sugar to get a sandy texture. Spread this evenly across your cake tin, making sure to get the sides as well. For the filling, mix together cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and eggs. Fill up your pan, bake, allow the cake to cool, and then top it however you want!

Salted Caramel Pie

We can’t say no to salted caramel desserts!

For this mouthwatering dish, prepare the pie crust the same way you’d make a cheesecake crust. Bake this for about 10 minutes. For the salted caramel filling, sprinkle some condensed milk with fleur de sel. Transfer this to the pie crust and bake it for roughly two hours. Prepare a whipped cream and caramel topping combining heavy cream, confectioners’ sugar, and some caramel sauce, and dig in!

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Happy Holidays!