It’s finally 2021, and we’re excited to see how things unfold this year. Have you been aiming to move toward a healthier lifestyle? Now’s the time to start!

Here are three small yet effective lifestyle changes to consider making this year.

Work on Being Physically Active

How many times before have you added “Go to the gym regularly” on your New Year’s resolution list, only to fumble halfway through the year? Many people think that the only way to exercise is by working out at a gym or a fitness center. Thus, if they get too busy and aren’t able to go to the gym for an extended period, they end up giving up on physical exercise altogether. They may also fall back on their workout sessions if exercising with machines isn’t as enjoyable as they thought it’d be, and get demotivated to continue.

employees walking to a café nearby for lunch

The thing about physical exercise is that you don’t need special equipment for it. This year, instead of focusing on visiting the gym thrice a week, channel your energy to staying active throughout the day.

If you have a job that requires you to stay seated at your desk all day, take breaks in between to stretch your legs and move around a bit. Take the stairs to work instead of the elevator, walk to a café nearby for lunch instead of ordering takeout, or even get a standing desk for your workstation. You can also adjust the way you tackle chores and personal errands to incorporate physical activity.

You can still go to the gym, but by focusing on making adjustments to stay active throughout the day, you’ll be promoting better stamina and physical health.

Get 7–9 Hours of Sleep Every Night

When we say every night, we mean every. single. night.

We’ve all heard of how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, but few people actually apply this to their daily routine. If you’re getting nine hours of sleep a couple of nights during the week and staying up late on weekends, you’re not doing yourself any favors. In fact, the haphazard routine only messes up your sleep cycle come Monday, causing you to stay up late that night.

Make it a habit to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Trust us; once your body adapts to this healthy sleep cycle, you’ll notice the effects this has on your mood and energy levels during the day.

Adopt the Twenty Minute Rule

The twenty-minute rule is simple: every day, you need to dedicate at least 20 minutes to doing something that will stimulate your mind. No, we’re not talking about random scrolling through your social media or watching a mindless TV show in this time. Each day, take out at least 20 minutes to do something that could help with your personal or professional growth.

man reading a newspaper outdoor

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could read a chapter from a book, meditate, take a quick lesson for learning a foreign language, or watch a video on a topic you’re interested in. It’s up to you how you want to use these twenty minutes!

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