For us, the decision to carry makeup when traveling has always stemmed from skincare. Don’t forget sunblock. Oh, lips might get chapped—better toss in a lip balm! How about a little tint?

Before you know it, your makeup pouch is brimming with mini bottles you can’t even tell apart, let alone get in the time to apply.

Learn how to travel light sans excess makeup.

Always Carry the Essentials

We wish we had a cool name for all the basic stuff we’re about to mention. Oh well, here’s where you need to start to travel (almost) barefaced:

  • Water-resistant sunscreen
  • Moisturizer
  • Lip balm
  • Lippy if the above is not tinted.
  • Concealer
  • Travel-size makeup remover

Now, you may be wondering, where’s the foundation? Shouldn’t there at least be a mascara wand in there somewhere?

Folks, you have to have minimum coverage to avoid cracks in your makeup during strenuous outdoor activity, so conceal uneven patches and leave the rest alone.

As for mascara, B recommends the Lauren Mercier Caviar Mascara. It’ll get even the finest eyelashes and stay intact for hours when outdoors.

Be Sure to Carry Extra Care

No matter how old you may be, skincare is something you have to do full time. Here are some of B’s picks:

1. Glow Drops

Regular use of Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops can keep your facial skin in great health. They’re the last step in any cleansing or makeup routine and are responsible for refining your pores giving you a smoother, more consistent, skin tone.

Don’t think travel’s an excuse to skip out on applying this serum because your skin gets doubly tired when it’s going through all the motions.

2. Primer

Some would argue you don’t need a primer because a moisturizer will do the job just as well, which may be true for the most part.

However, you can always turn this around and let your Becca Primer pull double duty instead. Use it as a base for your makeup, or apply it in place of a moisturizer. By doing this, you won’t have to carry the latter at all.

3. CC Cream

Belinda loves the CC Illumination Cream Foundation by IT Cosmetics because it has a foundation, hydrating serum, and sunscreen all in one narrow tube.

Take the sunscreen out, replace it with this cream, and you won’t miss a thing. Keep the glow drops anyway because they’re simply irreplaceable.

Take A “Page” from B’s Blogs About Travel

Belinda’s tips to develop a healthy lifestyle are there so that you can adopt some of her advice and suggestions into your life. Not only are her blogs about healthy food, but she also covers anti-aging and makeup formulas that have worked for her.

A travel makeup bag should contain multi-purpose cosmetics, but finding good ones is like seeking a special needle in a stack of other needles. Let B help you make this task simpler by reading her beauty lifestyle blogs.