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I am Belinda Donner

My name is Belinda Donner, I am 52 years old. I have four children, three boys and a girl. I am married to a wonderful man named Andrew, he is the love of my life and I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful husband who loves and supports me.

Belinda Donner


Chase is 27, lives in Brooklyn, NY and is an art teacher and a drag queen.  Jake is 24, lives in Newport Beach, and is an actor, writer, musician. Charlie is 20, and is attending CU Boulder studying business.  Priva is 17 and attends San Dieguito Academy. She plays lacrosse and designs clothing. 

It’s important for me to disclose their ages because most people can’t believe I have that many children and that I look like I have children at these ages.

I graduated from college from the University of Arizona, with a bachelors degree in fashion merchandising degree. After college, I worked in a fashion merchandising training program for a large corporation.

I then took a job in marketing and advertising for another large company and found a love for creating and developing events and promotions. I stopped working in the corporate world once I started having children. While at home raising my children, I got very involved in volunteering at my kids’ schools and chaired several galas and fundraisers.

Today, I currently still help with fundraising in various organizations and volunteer my time to deliver food for Jewish Family Services. I try to live a healthy, balanced life, and beauty is important to me as I try to take care of myself and how I look both internally and externally. I feel like less is more and aging gracefully can be a beautiful thing.

I have a huge love for travel and I think it is quintessential in personal growth. I discovered the love of cooking after I had children and self-taught myself. I love to make people happy with the food.

I decided to start a blog because a good friend of mine kept telling me that I need to share my ideas, my experiences and most of all my spreading my energy to others, to help inspire women.

Some women feel that after a certain age, or after having children, the fun is over.  I am here to say that the fun has just begun.

We are all on this earth for a temporary time. If you can change your attitude towards life and try to change your outlook, maybe not be so serious, then everything thing will fall into place. We are all faced with so many challenges and with all the information and access we have with the internet, we find little time to stop and breathe.

Hugs! - B