While my husband and I were away on vacation at this incredible resort, several people asked us if the cost of this jaw-dropping, luxury 5-star hotel in Utah, USA is worth the hype. The answer is YES! Anyone who experiences Amangiri probably has previously been to a 5-star luxury hotel, traveled on a private jet, and or a yacht, so their expectations are very high.

You can get to Amangiri by flying into Page Municipal Airport (25 minutes away) or take a helicopter from Las Vegas. We flew into Vegas and drove (it took 4 hours), it was a gorgeous drive.

Staying at this resort felt I was on an architectural, spiritual, environmental art gallery tour. I almost compare this experience to when I went to Burning Man. The 600 acres of the Colorado Plateau, couldn’t be more dramatic. Everywhere you look is an absolute wow!

When building this resort, the thought to mix the sand from the area into the concrete so that the hotel would blend in with the mountains was absolutely brilliant.

In this post, you can read about the experience that my husband and I had. While staying at this resort, there are so many options where you can be busy with activities or just surrender and relax. We wanted to get the full experience; we stayed at both the hotel Amangiri and the sister property Camp Sarika. I highly recommend doing it this way. I want to thank Gwen Nicol and Scott Dunn Travel for helping me plan this wonderful trip. Everything was perfect!

Before traveling here, I became anxious about what clothing to bring. Over the years, I have seen celebrities and influencers who have traveled to Amangiri, and they were all so dressed up! I get it, and it is a selfie, photoshoot dream come true. It is also a resort/spa, which means to relax, don’t worry about makeup, hair, be comfortable. I wore t-shirts, jeans, sweaters and yes, even sweats!


There are a total of 34 suites at the hotel. Each suite is spacious, with clean lines and natural materials. When I walked into our suite, I felt like I was dropped down into the Grand Canyon. The minimalistic design, which is so calming, includes white stone floors, concrete walls, natural timbers, and fittings in blackened steel. Each Suite has an outdoor lounge and fireplace with expansive desert views, while some feature a private pool or roof terrace. We stayed in the Mesa View Suite.

The beds are very comfortable with super soft luxurious linens. If you need a specific pillow type, you can call the front desk, and they will offer you a selection. Each room comes with an adorable straw hat, bag, and walking stick. However, they aren’t for you to keep, but you can buy these items in their gift shop if you are interested.


The cuisine at Amangiri is sustainable and inspired by the culinary heritage of the Navajo and American Southwest. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the hotel, there is the main dining room that has the floor to ceiling windows. There is a reason for this design because the views are actually mind-blowing. Between the delicious ingredients you are experiencing and the incredible views, you are taken into another world.

One night we weren’t in the mood for a big meal and chose to sit next to one of the magnificent fireplaces in the main lobby. We asked if we could have a pizza (which wasn’t on the dinner menu). Without hesitation, the host offered whatever type of pizza we wanted. We enjoyed it with cocktails; it was perfect.

You can also sit outdoor at the pool for another exquisite view. We sat outside a couple of times with, of course, heaters because it was chilly. The hotel offers room service of course.

Meditation at the desert lounge

Interesting note…. the rock seen in the pool is what the architects first saw, and they built the entire resort around it.

Each fireplace is designed with bushels of Sage

Spa and Fitness

The spa covers 25,000 sq. feet. and reflects the healing Navajo traditions with a holistic menu of treatments and spa journeys. From multiple treatment rooms with stunning views of the desert landscape, to Floatation Pavilions, a Fitness Center, Pilates Studio, and Yoga Studio, there are endless options for those looking to relax and restore their body, mind, and spirit.

There are five areas where guests can relax pre-or post-treatment: two outdoor Thai pavilions, a private Jacuzzi, an outdoor step pool with cushions, and zero-gravity chairs. If you are a hotel guest, the spa facility is complimentary to use with or without an appointment. The Aman Spa is adults-only and co-ed with a beautiful steam room, rain shower, dry sauna, cold plunge, step-pool, and Jacuzzi.

My husband and I both enjoyed the Spiritual Journey Package, which included a scrub, wrap, massage and ended with a hot oil head massage. The treatments were fabulous, especially because all of the treatments begin with a Native American Smudging Ceremony before the guest enters the room—this clears negative energy and is a perfect way to start all treatments. To end the treatments, you were cleaned off with Sage hot towels while listening to the Crystal Sound Bowls.


Via Ferrata

You cannot go to Amangiri without going on some excursions. Everything from hiking, climbing, horseback riding, to boating, hot airballooning, and helicoptering! Since Amangiri is closely connected to Utah’s Native American communities it offers a range of one-of-a-kind experiences that bring guests closer to the culture and history of the Navajo people. Activities range from Navajo-guided tours of the slot canyons and Monument Valley Tribal Park to powerful storytelling sessions and ritual dances by the fire.

We experienced the Via Ferrata (the Italian term for the iron road) with Adventure Partners. There is a 238-foot-long custom-made steel suspension bridge that you walk across. To get to the bridge, a guide walks with you a short distance from the resort. You put on a helmet and harness with carabiners, and your guide explains how to climb. Then you start climbing on the permanent climbing holds, short ladders, and bridges bolted into rock faces, linked by a series of steel cables for safety.

At first I was scared out of my mind, and then I was very comfortable and felt safe, and it was amazing, I highly recommend it.

Slot Canyons

Another awesome outdoor experience that we loved was hiking through Antelope Canyon. I cannot express the beauty, but it is one of the most highly sought-after destinations globally. At midday, when the sun is shining, shafts of light cut into the canyon, illuminating the narrow orange and gold sandstone walls. The effect is almost surreal, and photographers from around the globe come to capture its beauty. From Amangiri, Antelope Canyon is about a 40-minute drive. As we did, I suggest bundling up if you go in the winter because the slot canyons can get cold.

Camp Sirika

My husband and I are very spontaneous and like to try new things. We wanted to experience everything that Amangiri has to offer, and Camp Sirika was a must. Camp Sarika holds a maximum of 30 guests in 10 tented pavilions, meaning you’ll get to have all space nearly to yourself. It is just a short 30-minute hike from its sister resort, Amangiri.  San Francisco designs the individual tents- and Johannesburg-based international design and development services firm Luxury Frontiers.

Each tent comes with both an outdoor deck and a private plunge pool. The tents are covered by soft canvas made from recycled plastic bottles, and the house has custom-designed leather furniture and more. Guests can choose from one or two-bedroom tented options that each come with a living area, dining area, bar, and fire pit. I almost forgot to mention the golf cart that comes with your tent. Since you are so spread out, it is a far walk to the restaurant and pool.

The campsite also comes with the main pavilion for gathering and two spa suites, a full restaurant, sun deck, swimming pool, and jacuzzi. The food at this restaurant was different than at the sister property. At night for dinner, a tasting menu is offered. They bring you everything they are cooking that night. The food was delicious, and you would never leave hungry

One night we didn’t want to have dessert at the restaurant. We asked our waiter if we could take smores to go. They packed up a perfect setup with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and cooking sticks. We went back to our tent and had our desert under the moon and stars.

One more special thing to mention…….

It was our anniversary, and I wanted to plan something special for my husband. A friend said not to miss the Sunset Hike Trail. Boy, was she right? This was an extraordinary moment for my husband and me. The staff at Amangiri picks you up and drives 5 minutes to this deserted spot, where they set up chairs, a table, champagne, and charcuterie. While watching the sunset with this magnificent backdrop, we toasted to 22 years together. It was fabulous!

Ok, one more thing……

Lastly, I need to mention that the staff at Amangiri surprised my husband and me. When we got back to our room from our anniversary dinner, we walked into a room fully decorated with rose petals and candles. They did an incredible job, and we are so grateful.

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