Since the Stay at Home Order went into effect, and most of society cannot work, the entertainment industry has come up with ways to entertain us at home, virtually. Shows like the “One Global Concert,” or “Higher Together Sessions.” are usually live-streamed with various artists. Furthermore, talk shows have also gone virtual. I find it interesting to see how these entertainers are producing shows virtually, while sitting in their basements, kitchens, or living rooms. Some of the entertainment is very good, and some of it can be quite boring at times.

While in quarantine, my son Chase, or better known as Chase Runaway, came up with an idea for a virtual drag show called “The Runaways, a Digital Drag Show.” This show, which is on Youtube, is a composition of 16 very unique, beautiful, and talented women and men. Chase is the host of the “Runaways” as well as the producer, he also presents two acts himself. My favorite part of the show is the very last act. I think you will agree.

The show is a beautiful display of self-expression while showing each of the queen’s uniqueness in their fun and creative performances. All of the acts in The Runaways Show has been created during this time of quarantine. You will see songs and dance in a living room, a front yard, and even in an empty parking lot. In this show, the music is excellent, the dancing is superb, some sexy, some funny. I have to say so myself, not just because he is my son; Chase is a terrific host. He is compassionate, funny, and on point! One hour may seem like a long time for this show, but you are glued to the screen by these beauties. I promise you will love it!

Since this first episode was such a success, you will probably be seeing more episodes. Who knows, maybe you will want to try a little drag yourself! Click on the link below and enjoy!