On my list while on my recent summer visit to Morroco, was to get in the most authentic, natural Moroccan oil. At home in the U.S., I have been a big fan of the pretty turquoise bottle that smells so good and makes my hair and skin so soft. Our wonderful tour guide ….. brought me to what he calls the best argan sold in Tangier. I was brought into a tent-like store and met by a very sweet and nice native, Moroccan salesman. He sat me down and gave me a brief history of how argan oil is made. Argan oil is made from a fruit from the Argan tree. The nuts from the fruit are incredibly hard to crack. Thank god for the goats who climb up the argan trees in search for the nuts. The goats eat the nuts which through digestion soften the husks. When the goat poops, the seed comes out softer. The goat poop is then gathered generally by the local Berber women and gone through. The nut is opened by the  and the processing of the oil goes on from there. Argan oil or another name is Morrocan oil is a huge product used in the beauty world, it is mostly used for hair and skin. There are a lot of companies who produce the argan oil but it is made with a lot of other scents and chemicals blended. I have been using the natural, organic one that I purchased in Morrocco and I think the results are significantly better.  It doesn’t smell as good as the one that I had been using before, but I promise I don’t smell like poop. Here is where you can order 100% argan oil.