By the year 2025, the sneaker industry is projected to be at $95.14 billion, which is double from 2016, where it was at $55 billion. The numbers are driven by millennials and Gen-Zers who are snap chatting, Instagramming, and tweeting all day long. I also help contribute to the billions of dollars on sneakers, especially hi-tops, I love them!!

My mother, who is 81,  just gave me these Nike SB Dunk High Dog walker high tops(how cool is she?). Nike SB line, which stands for skateboarding, has been around for a long time. This particular sneaker called the dog walker was released in April 2019 for $110. The price has gone up and now you can get them from $250-$350, but it is not so easy to find your size.

This “dog walker” high top has dalmatian-like spotted side panels, green hairy suede overlays representing grass, brown and black hair texture to remind us of different dog breeds on the toe, tongue, and ankle collar, along with a Red nylon Swoosh to represent a dog’s collar. Some other fun features are that it includes a dog bone tag with the name “Sparky” etched onto it and brown section on the outsole to represent stepping in dog poop! How fun is that??

My mother purchased these cool sneakers at my brothers’ pawn shop, Max Pawn, located in Las Vegas. They even come with a dog poop bag!! You probably did not know that you could buy sneakers at a pawn shop? He is one of the only pawnshops that carries products such as fancy sneakers and designer handbags.

I grew up in a pawnbrokers world where nothing was purchased new, and we always had the coolest stuff. Things like stereos, tv’s, cars, fur jackets, jewelry, even a monkey! If you are ever in Vegas, you should stop by my brothers’ store, and maybe you will find your favorites like a Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurent handbag or a pair of Golden goose sneakers. His store is also available to shop online at You can go to my shop and see some other items that you can purchase from Max Pawn. Happy shopping!