If you have ever been to a dinner party at my home, you have probably enjoyed some of my delicious healthy salads. I am particular about my salad dressings. I love to make salad dressings from scratch, and there is nothing like fresh dressing. If I am making a big meal, I will sometimes use a bottled dressing, but I am very particular about that.

I love to cook many Asian cuisines, and I have found that the Wafu salad dressing is the most delicious. Wafu means literally “Japanese-style dressing,” it’s a vinaigrette-type salad dressing based on tosazu (a kind of Japanese vinegar), popular in Japan. It is an effortless, quick dressing that you can put on any salad, cucumbers, or even noodles. I hope you enjoy this delicious and healthy dressing!



  • Whisk everything together (vegetable oil, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, sesame seeds, salt and pepper) in a small bowl, or pour directly into a bottle or jar and shake it.
  • Taste, and add a little more of any ingredient until you’re happy with the flavour. 
  • Use immediately, or store in the fridge in a sealed container for up to a week. 

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