A Woman in a Towel Turban, Spraying Something On Her Bare Face

The longer you live, the more difficult it gets for your skin to hold up. Unless you live in a remote area with impossibly perfect weather, your skin will age. If you don’t develop a healthy lifestyle, your body will express its dislike, and guess what? It’ll start with your face.

As you get older, you have to take up certain skincare habits. Let us explain.

1. Shake Up Your Facewash Routine

Using soap as a facewash dries up most faces, which leads to premature skin aging. We suggest you buy yourself a gentler facewash instead.

As for the application, rub it into your face as you would a night cream. Go in small, circular strokes across your cheeks and work your way around until your entire face is covered. Wash with warm—not hot—water.

2. Be Generous with the Sunblock

Sun damage is characterized by liver spots and patchy skin. It can make its way to your hand, ears, neck, and even your chest.

Prevent this by covering all of the above with plenty of sunscreen with an SPF anywhere north of 30. You could also take some of the weight off the sunblock by dabbing Mario Badescu’s Vitamin C Serum as an extra protective layer.

An Exfoliating Face Massage Kit on A White Surface

3. Exfoliate Frequently

As we all know, exfoliation speeds up the shedding process drastically, and you might need to do it as often as once a week if your skin is starting to look tired and dull.

B knows that can be a bit much, so she recommends Lulu Sugar’s gentle Vanilla Body Scrub. It scrubs until the dead skin starts peeling and has a moisturizing effect for aftercare.

4. Venture Into CBD Territory

CBD products are amazing for personal care. If you have dry skin, take up Soul CBD’s Oil Drops and apply some topically along with your retinoids.

When your skin is moisturized, you’ll feel less stiff, and CBD will have a soothing effect on all your creaky bits.

5. Start Taking Supplements

In her online blogs about food, Belinda often talks about sustenance assisted by supplements. She uses them aplenty, and they help her stay healthier than some of the young ‘uns out there.

If you’ve hit menopause, press play on Pause Protein: a drink that’s both delicious and fulfilling. It’s the man-made solution that picks up where mother nature left off.

The above pointers are only a fraction of what B’s got up her sleeves. Read more of her blogs on how to develop a healthy lifestyle, and learn the secrets behind her fitness.

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