Well-dressed older woman.

Gen Z is taking the world by storm. Their influences and choices are strongly shaping the fashion industry, and it’s about time we hear them out! Sure, some of their fashion choices may seem a little outlandish, but that doesn’t mean they’re all bad.

You might be a ‘boomer’ or an older ‘millennial,’ but there’s nothing wrong with paying close attention to what the kids are wearing. After all, isn’t that what we wanted from our parents when we were younger? Here are some cute and trendy Gen-Z styles you can rock without hesitation!

The Mid-Part

Recently, TikTok, a social media app that’s popular with the younger generation, was taken by storm when Gen-Zers realized that we still rock a side-part! The hairstyle was considered boring, unimaginative, and plain old. And while it was a harsh way to let the older generation know, maybe the teens are onto something.

It looks like the reigning days of the mid part, or emo swoop are long gone, and it might be for the best. As you age, a side part just isn’t as practical as it used to be. A middle part looks far more sophisticated and also does a great job at hiding the pesky widow’s peak! And now that’s on-trend, you can change up your hairstyle and actually come out looking more fashionable. It’s a win-win!

Athleisure Wear

If there’s one thing Gen Z has done right, it is bringing athleisure back in style. There was a collective sigh breathed the day Juicy tracksuits went out of fashion. It wasn’t just the end of a fashion statement, but also comfort! However, it looks like Gen Z is bringing it back in their own way!

The increasing indulgence in sports in the newer generation has prompted sportswear companies to bring out athleisure wear, which is not only perfect for the gym and sports grounds but also for everyday wear. It looks like the trend is here to stay, so you might as well get comfy and fashionable with them!

Sustainable Fashion

Woman posing in bucket hat.

Gen Z has revolutionized the way people look at and even approach thrift shopping. What was once an embarrassing secret you hid from your friends has become the new way of shopping. It’s considered not only affordable but also incredibly eco-friendly!

The newer generation is more in-line with stepping away from fast fashion and recycling wherever they can. This could mean finding the best outfits from a thrift store or repurposing older clothes into brand new fits. And that’s a style trend every generation should back up! Of course, it’s not just about picking a good outfit but adding your own personal style and touches, making it unique.

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