Thankful for this gorgeous Spring Bloom

Isn’t this quarantine a fascinating time in our lives? I wake up every day and say to myself, ” Is this real’? A part of me can’t wait for this to be over, and a part of me does not want it to end, not only do I feel this way, but many people feel the same way. After all, having this Stay at Home Order will probably be the most time that we spend together with our families. In Addition, being in this quarantine will be the most time that we will ever get to sleep in and not have a real schedule. I suggest that if you haven’t been taking pictures, start now, this is history.

It is remarkable that everyone in the world, at the same time, is in quarantine. We all hear so many stories, some real news, and some fake news. Everyone has different rules depending on where they live. It can be very confusing at times, and I don’t know what to believe anymore. I realize my quarantine is what most people would call a luxury vacation, and I will never take this for granted. Not to mention so many people have terrible home lives and are going hungry.

I would love to know how people in other states and countries and quarantining. Below are some questions that you can answer and send to me, in addition, please send me photos of what you are doing?

What are you doing?

  • What city, state or country are you from?
  • Are you alone or with someone/family?
  • What do your days look like now?
  • Are you working?
  • What are you missing right now that you can’t do or have?
  • What is the best thing you have done during quarantine?
  • What have you watched or are watching on tv?
  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you or your family during this time? What is the hardest part of this quarantine for you?

What I am doing

  • Del Mar, California
  • I have my family at home now. Six of us
  • Lots of cleaning, cooking, some sewing, some Netflix, some puzzle
  • No, I am not working a “job,” but I have never done more challenging cleaning
  • I miss my parents who live in Las Vegas
  • I love having all my kids at home, meals, games. Sewing
  • I just finished Pose, watched Tiger King, watching Unorthodox
  • When we celebrated my sons the 20th birthday and all put on wigs
  • The hardest part of the quarantine for me is the unknown. Whether our businesses in Las Vegas will be back up and running soon.

Below are a few pictures describing what my quarantine looks like. I hope you will send me some of yours.

Game night
I have been working on this same puzzle for a month
My hubby washing his car
So thankful to take nature walks
kitchen art by my son Jake
My sons girlfriend giving him a haircut
always cooking
clothing creations by my daughter
My son Charlie’s 20th birthday
wig out for the birthday boy
My son Chase coloring his sisters hair
New highlights for my girl
Zumba on Zoom
Dogwash for Molly