There’s no one set skincare routine that can fit everyone’s needs. Your skin is unique, and so are its requirements. The best way to know what works is to go through trial and error and recognize what areas your skin needs extra assistance in.

Whether you’re a skincare aficionado or a total newbie, we have listed some essential skincare products that you need to add to your new and improved routine!

Get Cleansing

It’s time to toss out the alcohol-heavy facewash you used in your 20s and opt for something more suited to skin rejuvenation. Mature skin needs a gentler facewash that cleanses without stripping your skin!

A gentle cleanser with no alcohol is essential to your routine. It will protect your skin’s natural oils and not leave you feeling dry and dull. For skin that leans more towards the sensitive side, it’s important to use products that contain ceramide, an ingredient that helps lock in moisture without irritation. A good cleanser is an essential base on which you can build the rest of your skincare regimen!

Exfoliate With Caution

Brown sugar scrub.

Both physical and chemical exfoliants are great for clearing up your face of any dead skin cells, which can leave your skin feeling heavy and dry. However, you might want to be gentler with your exfoliation as you age.

As you cross the 50+ age group, your skin’s first layer tends to become thinner and more sensitive. Physical exfoliation via scrubs can cause micro-abrasions on your skin’s epidermis, primarily through vigorous use. The best way to exfoliate is to use very mild scrubs and to immediately follow it with moisturizers rich in soothing ingredients like chamomile and ceramide.

Treat Wrinkles Responsibly

A common mistake many women make when shopping for anti-aging skincare products is focusing more on the packaging than the ingredients. Sure, the box may promise no wrinkles in under a week, but it’s the ingredients they use that actually deliver the desired results!

Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A is excellent for skin rejuvenation and clearing up hyperpigmentation. It also helps aid the production of collagen, which tightens your skin and leaves it looking younger. Additionally, vitamin C is excellent for getting rid of skin dullness or sunspots on your skin. But due to the potency of high levels of vitamin C, it’s essential to pair the antioxidant with sunscreen to save your skin from becoming vulnerable to light exposure.

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