It’s time to pull out your gloves and woolen caps from the back of your closet because winter is here. You won’t be seeing your tank tops and tees for a while. For the next couple of months, it’s all about winter clothes and accessories.

Make sure you’ve stocked up on these winter essentials this year.

Crewneck Sweaters

You can dress up in your finest and most stylish clothing, but when it’s freezing outside, all you’ll want is to not be cold. Unfortunately, not all fashionable winter clothing items are as effective in keeping you warm as you’d want them to be. It may seem like your only option is to wear a burly sweater or an oversized jumper, but there’s one more thing you can opt for instead: a cashmere crewneck sweater.

 woman wearing a crewneck sweater paired with a scarf

This chic clothing item is soft, fluffy, and fashionable enough to serve as the perfect layering piece for your outfit. You can style it a dozen different ways such as by wearing a collared shirt underneath or a leather jacket on top. It goes great with leggings, jeans, miniskirts, and leather pants, and is one of the most versatile winter wardrobe staple.

The best part is, crewneck sweaters are very effective in keeping you warm while also looking hip and trendy. Invest in a couple of crewneck cashmeres, and you have most of your winter outfits sorted!

Statement Coats

Statement coats are evergreen. Whether you’re wearing them on your way to work, at a party, or while running errands, they’re the perfect first layer to keep the cold away. Unlike fleece jackets and bulky hoodies, coats are less puffy and burly while still being roomy enough to keep you warm. Take the classic camel coat, for example. It looks elegant and never seems to go out of style.

Large winter coats typically last several seasons. They also add a pop of color to neutral or monotone outfits, elevating them instantly and making a statement.

woman wearing a large winter coat

Blanket Wrap Scarves

We all love woolen scarves, but in winter, you need something that’s a little more effective in protecting you from the cold. Enter: the blanket wrap scarf. This is a take on the traditional scarf and is longer and roomier to cover you up more comprehensively when you step out.

Wearing this comfy piece of clothing feels like donning a warm blanket because of the increased coverage they offer. As is the case with traditional scarves, blanket wrap scarves can be styles several different ways to match your outfit. You can wear one like a poncho, tie it into a knot, or wrap it around your shoulders as per your preference.

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