Dancing keeps me young. This is my son Jake and I at Ziggy Marley concert

I was at a party the other night, and a woman came up to me and said she didn’t recognize me. She had met me before with my husband, but when she saw me she thought I was a niece or a friend of my daughters! This situation is quite common for me, and sometimes I become self-conscious. Is the outfit I am wearing look too young? Is my haircut look too young? Am I acting immature? Am I ever going to grow up?

growing old

I may be grown up, but I’m not growing old quickly. Growing old physically is what we all do; it is called aging. You can stay younger longer if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke, maintain a healthy weight, and keep active and most importantly, have fun!

If we didn’t take care of myself
Healthy us!

Growing old mentally is a whole other subject. If you are mentally growing old, you have stopped living. Growing old physically means aging, and we will all go through it. Growing old, mentally means shutting yourself off to the world. You have stopped exposing yourself and have limited interest in new things or experiences. Even though I can help my self physically, I hope I can mentally remain young.

taking care of yourself


Yes, sex can make you look and feel younger. Sexual intercourse boosts our immune system, prevents stagnation. It allows us to feel more alive and sweats out toxins from our pores. Regular sex increases estrogen levels which makes your skin less dry and more elastic. Sex is proven to help you sleep better and a good night’s rest is always great for the skin. Less stress, fewer breakouts. So what are you waiting for, get humpin!!!

I always tell people to feel young is to think young. At any age, taking care of yourself is most important. Equally important is managing your daily stress. Since I was young, I have always been active, and I especially love to be outdoors. I have always loved biking, hiking, skiing, swimming, dancing, yoga, and I hate running! Don’t let your workouts be uncomfortable or boring. For years I was addicted to Orange Theory Fitness. It is a cardio workout mixed with TRX. As I was getting older, I felt very sore and often times I would injure my self. I finally realized that it wasn’t worth the pain anymore and I needed to find alternative exercise. Don’t overdo it and listen to your body. Try to do some exercise every day.


Equally crucial to taking care of yourself is to try to do some form of meditation every day. I cannot express how much meditation has changed my life. Four years ago, I trained to do Transcendental Meditation (TM). Every time I meditate, it feels as though I have received 8 hours of sleep. There are so many statistics that say that meditation not only reduces stress and anxiety but also controls pain, helps improve sleep and reduce blood pressure. These are just to name a few of the amazing benefits of meditation. There are so many youtube videos, apps for meditation, and you can meditate anywhere. Sometimes I meditate in the car!!



Not only is exercising good for you but also eating a healthy diet is essential in keeping young. I try to live my life with an 80/20 diet. I eat 80% healthy and 20% whatever I want. Luckily, I live in a very health-conscious environment which makes it easier to have better food choices. I have tried many fad diets and cleanses, and nothing compares to a balanced diet with a day or two of cheating.

Don’t dress like your momma


Fashion has been in my blood since I have been a little girl. My grandmother had a very fashionable, couture store and was a prominent clothing buyer in her younger years. I have always leaned toward an edgier, streetwear look. I think it is a fun, classic, youthful look that can be worn at any age. Take a risk with your clothing without crossing the line of being inappropriate. Being comfortable is a must.

Below are two of my favorite female lifestyle, over fifty, influencers. They both have a young, edgy style that I love!

Sarah Jane Adams @mywrinklesmystripes
Angie Weihs @agelessrebellion


As we age, less makeup is more attractive and more youthful. Too much makeup and darker colors can look bad on older skin. Especially powder, it can make the skin look more wrinkled. Exfoliating and moisturizing the skin is the key to keeping a youthful complexion. I also believe not to overdue plastic surgery as it can make you look too mature. There are so many non-evasive skin treatments to help your skin look smooth and fresh

Have fun!!!

Life is short, which means you should never stop having fun. I try to live each day like it is my last. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you can’t do the things that you used to do when you were younger. I know a lot of people who stop living their lives when they settle down, get married and start having children.

The time is now to have the most fun possible because in 10-20 years from now, illnesses start to happen, and we will all be discussing our constant doctors’ visits. Get out of your comfort zone and do the things you thought you would never do. I promise you will be happy and feel young again!