I have never shared with the public that I have breast implants. I am not embarrassed or afraid to; it’s just not something I’ve ever talked about. The first time I had breast augmentation was in 1990, which was 32 years ago. Since then, I have had a couple of replacements. During the last few years, I notice one of my breasts was distorted and odd-shaped. It had been almost 20 years since I had these implants, so I thought it was time to replace them. The FDA recommends changing them every 10 years, but implants can be good for 20 years in many cases.

I made an appointment with long time friend Dr. Scott Miller. When Dr. Miller saw my breast, he noticed the distortion of one of my breasts, but both of my breasts were encapsulated and hard. It was time to replace the implants. I made my appointment for the surgery. On June 2nd, I had the surgery (about 3 weeks ago).

It was the day of my surgery, and I was ready. I went in early in the morning and was out in two hours. While driving home in a half-dazed anesthesia dream, my husband told me that when the doctor opened me up, he surprisingly discovered that one of my breast implants was completely ruptured. It was on the side that was distorted. I was shocked. I had no idea that my breast implant was ruptured, no symptoms, nothing. Obviously, the doctor took out the implant and cleaned out the entire area. This is a rare incident and not unusual.

When I went back for my post-operation appointment, I discussed the procedure with the doctor. He took pictures of what the implant looked like. So scary that this implant was floating around in me. I asked him how long he thought this implant was ruptured. He guessed about a couple of years; he said that calcium deposits would have been visible if they were any longer. My doctor also told me that I could have reached out to the manufacturer and had my surgery done for free because of the rupture. I would have had to have gone with the same manufacturer. I did not want to do that because it had been almost 20 years and since then new products have come out.

Bottom right photo shows the ruptured implant and the intact implant

I wanted to write about this incident and show a picture for anyone who has implants. Unless you get an MRI, there is no way to know if your implant has a leak or is ruptured. If you have any reason to think there is a problem, don’t wait. If the cost is an issue to get them replaced, go back to your physician and see if they will replace them at no cost. It was a blessing that I went in to get a replacement. All is good now on the new boobie homefront. Still healing but feeling and looking great!

If you have any questions about my surgery or breast implants in general, I will be glad to chat.

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