During this pandemic, we have all spent more time in the kitchen than ever in our lifetime. We are going through cookbooks, googling recipes, trying to find different things to make.

Since being at home, I have discovered some products that I love. These items have become my regulars or my “go-to” products. You sometimes know when you find a new recipe, and you buy all the ingredients but maybe only use some of the products once? Here are my favorites that I re-order continuously.

French Poodle Vinaigrette

My top favorite product on my list is the French Poodle vinaigrette. This salad dressing is my favorite item in my kitchen right now. Thank you, Uncle Mike, for suggesting to order this unbelievably tasting salad dressing. Usually, I wouldn’t say I like to buy salad dressing from the grocery store, and I want to make mine fresh, but this one is soooooo delicious.

This original salad dressing recipe was created in a small hillside restaurant on the Cote d’Azur in 1870, where it remained there until 1941. The dressing was then given to a longtime protégé Marianette Becham. In 1950 Marianette and Jean Becham came to the United States and worked in luxury resorts.  In 1961 the Bechams opened The French Poodle Restaurant in Carmel by-the-Sea. The dressing became the local’s favorite and was bottled in recycled wine bottles.

For many years, one could only purchase the dressing while dining at the restaurant. Now you can order the French Poodle Vinaigrette online, and it still comes in a wine bottle. Sadly, the restaurant is no longer open.

Hot Wasabi

The next recommendation is my husband’s favorite condiment is the Terrapin Ridge Farms Hot Wasabi He puts it on everything. Pisses me off because he puts in on meats before tasting it!!

This sauce has a wasabi kick that is great for crab cakes, sushi, or fish. You can mix it with sour cream and use it as a dip for burgers, fried shrimp, wraps, or sandwiches. It is Vegan, Keto-friendly, low carb, low sugar, and dairy-free.

Star Dado Funghi Porcini

Another favorite go-to item in the kitchen comes from another recommendation from Uncle Mike. It is a fungus Porchini bouillion cube from Star; it has the flavor and smell of porcini mushrooms. It is excellent for soups, stews, risotto, and my favorite is to use with pasta. The taste of this particular bouillon is fabulous. I highly recommend it.

Paleo Valley Bone Broth Protein

My fourth recommended item in the kitchen is from a company called Paleo Valley. They have several products that I love but the bone broth has become a favorite in our home. Bone broth is one the most nourishing, anti-aging and gut supportive foods on the planet

It is 100% grass-fed beef bone broth without hides. There are no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids given plus the cows are raised on pastures free of pesticides. The broth powder is soy-free, grain-free, and gluten-free. I love to make soups with this broth powder.

Bragg Liquid Aminos

The fifth and final product that I use over and over in the kitchen is Bragg Liquid Aminos. It has been around forever, but I love it because it is an excellent alternative to soy sauce, Worcestershire, and Tamari. This product is a protein concentrate made from certified NON-GMO Soybeans and purified water. It does not have added salt.

Bragg Broth is an excellent alternative for hydration during hot weather.

Tonight I made Bbq’d halibut and mixed Bragg with some olive oil and fresh ginger; it was delicious!!