Setting my intention

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, I feel it is essential to have a morning ritual every day; it sets the tone. Setting aside time every morning can have a positive impact on how you carry yourself every day. Everyone has different morning rituals. Some people need that caffeine burst with a cup of coffee, or a tea right when they awake. Others meditate, stretch, or exercise. Here is my ritual, sometimes, depending on the day, I may add something or add something.

#1 Set Intention

What does intention mean? Webster’s Dictionary defines an intention as “a determination to act in a certain way.” .I think an intention is also about how you want to act and how you want to feel. Before I get up from bed in the morning, I think about how do I want my day to look? What are my goals?

My intention was to embrace this unbelievable hike

Today, I had a plan to go hiking, and I intend to embrace nature and the beauty of my hike and have gratitude. There are so my ideas of what your intentions are, make sure it is positive and practical (easy).

Intention ideas

  • try not to stress
  • meditate
  • get list done
  • exercise
  • be mindful of taking more breaths
  • be positive
  • show gratitude
  • help someone

#2 Lemon water

My second ritual happens in my kitchen, I drink warm water with lemon. I have learned to do this from several health retreats. Why is lemon water good for you? drinking first thing in the morning helps with digestion

  • helps stimulate the liver flushing out toxins
  • immunity boost-vitamin C, magnesium, potassium
  • healthier skin
  • increase metabolism
  • rehydrates the body
8 oz’s of warm water and 1/2 squeezed lemon

I used to drink coffee every day. I love the taste, the smell, and the ritual. I was getting heart flutters, and I wasn’t feeling well. I will sometimes drink coffee on the weekends as a treat.

#3 Vitamin C

We all need Vitamin C, especially now, with the “Virus” situation. Every day, My third ritual of the day is taking a packet of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. It is the top-selling liposomal vitamin C supplement on the market.

  • It supports natural collagen (good for the skin
  • Supports the immune system (maximum absorption of Vitamin C)
  • Protects from stress and the environment.

Lypo Spheric Vitamin C is a great product and reviews have indicated helping people fight cancer, lower back pain, smaller cases of the flu, and treatment of Candida.

mix vigorously with water. Do not take by itself, it does not taste good

#4 Breakfast

I am a massive believer in breakfast in the morning. Some people have a hard time eating in the morning; they feel nauseous or don’t want to take the time for it. I will usually eat something light in the morning because I will work out after. I eat cereal, some fruit, or a piece of gluten-free toast with some almond butter and bananas. There are several studies on the benefits of eating breakfast.

  • jumpstarts your metabolism
  • consume less fat during the day
  • higher calcium and fiber intake
  • better performance (school for children
  • more like to meet the consumption of fruits and vegetables

There are also disadvantages of eating breakfast.

  • more likely to be overweight
  • do not meet the right consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • more likely to eat unhealthy snacks
My favorite cereal in Raisin Bran with almond milk

#5 Body movement

My last ritual of the day is moving my body. Movement of your body is a necessity in life. Prolong morning to bedtime sitting has been shown by researchers can lead to serious health issues. Whether you are doing cardio or stretching, our bodies need movement. It is not only good for us physically but mentally as well. You don’t need “workouts” to move. It’s proven that healthy movement helps us:

  • Feel well, physically and emotionally
  • Function productively
  • Think, learn, and remember
  • Interact with the world
  • Communicate and express ourselves
  • Connect and build relationships with others

Finding your favorite type of movement is easy. Don’t let these crazy cross-training workouts scare you. Find a movement that you like. Here are some ideas;

  • walk instead of driving- go with a friend
  • ride a bike
  • walk a dog
  • dance (youtube classes) I love Zumba!
  • yoga/pilates
  • swim
  • tai chi
  • mow the lawn, gardening
  • do squats while folding laundry
  • clean your house
  • get a standing desk
  • skip an elevator-take the stairs
I love Zumba