I have had been so blessed to be able to travel around the world, and in my years of preparation, I have learned to pack less. What I have realized is that when you travel, you end up wearing the same items over and over. I used to lug around a huge suitcase and my husband used to moan and groan about how heaving my bag was. Those days are over, now he is surprised how much I actually take. I am leaving out of the country on a ten-day trip and I will only be bringing my backpack and my carry on suitcase.

The Bigger Carry-On

Having the right travel bag is key. I fell in love with my suitcase, the Bigger Carry-On by Away.com. This suitcase is the biggest size carry-on suitcase that you can bring on a plane and it comes with an ejectable battery that charges your phone. The battery is compliant with all airlines, TSA approved and safe to fly with. In addition, the suitcase has a TSA approved combination lock, 360° spinner wheels, an interior compression system, and a hidden laundry bag. The company guarantees its products to last a lifetime. I know this is true because I once had a zipper issue and they sent me a brand new suitcase. This suitcase comes in several colors. The suitcase is pricey, starting at $245 but it will be the last suitcase that you will need to purchase. Before we went to Japan a couple of years ago, I gave everyone in my family the Bigger Carry-On, we love them.

Six Bigger Carry-On Away suitcases traveling to Japan


How and what you pack is the key to traveling. Always plan ahead or you will be throwing stuff in the last minute that you don’t need. The first thing you want to do is to check the weather where you are traveling. Regardless, I always suggest bringing layers no matter what the temperature is because then you have options. Packing clothing that doesn’t wrinkle will be easier. I am traveling to Israel next week and the weather is supposed to be warm. There are some places that have dress regulations so I will definitely be layering. Here is my list for my 10-day trip.

  1. undergarments/socks for each day
  2. 3 pairs of shoes, including what is worn on the flight (sneakers for sure)
  3. 3 pairs of pants ( 2 jeans)
  4. 4 t-shirts/ 2 long sleeve
  5. 1 jacket (light down, easy to roll)
  6. 1 sweatshirt/sweater
  7. 2 dresses
  8. 1 workout outfit
  9. 1 bathing suit
  10. 2 small handbags
  11. toiletries
Rolling the clothes is key

Ways to fit more in your suitcase

  1. roll your clothes-fit more, wrinkle less
  2. use Ziplocs for compression
  3. put things in your shoes (ties, belts, socks)
  4. put heavier items on the bottom of the suitcase
  5. wear your bulkiest items on the plane, bus, train or car

The Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

I am a big fan of backpacks, especially when I am traveling. It is so much easier and more comfortable. When I travel I carry everything that I would normally carry in my purse plus my computer, phone, and a book. I love the backpacks from Dagne Dover especially the Dakota Backpack. I just purchased a second one because of the new feature, the luggage handle sleeve, I can slip the backpack on top of my suitcase and roll altogether. The backpack has so much room and lots of zip compartments to keep items organized. The backpack is light and hand-washable

Eclipse / Large Features

If you use the Bigger Carry-On by Away.com and the Dakota backpack by Dagne Dover, I promise you will never need anything else to travel and, you will never need to check your bag for a 10-day trip again.