Mornings are the best time to be productive and start your day with joy.

But if you groan every time your alarm goes off and describe yourself as “not a morning person,” you may need to change your approach.

I genuinely believe that the hardest thing to do in the morning is getting out of bed. But once you’re up, there’s no reason why your time shouldn’t inspire you to take on the world.

Here are a few of my top tricks that helped me become a morning person:

Skip The Snooze Button:

If you feel like you never have enough time in the morning, it may help to set your alarm a little earlier than your usual wake time.

This will give you a little extra time so that your body and mind wake up.

Restraining yourself against pressing the snooze button may prove to be a bit more challenging. However, once you kick the habit, you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed without having to rush around each morning.

Get In Some Light Exercise:

Moving your body in the morning can help your mind and body feel more alert for the day. But if working out in the morning sounds awful for you, you can incorporate it into other parts of your routine.

Use the extra minutes you have in the morning by not snoozing to practice deep breathing exercises and light yoga.

You can also use the time to brush your teeth to do a bit of squats. This can make a world of difference by making you feel more energized and creative.

A cup of fresh coffee

Get Your Coffee Routine Down Pat:

Spending most of my time at home last year gave me the chance to experiment with various coffee recipes.

From pumpkin spice lattes to Dalgona coffee to Starbucks Frappuccino remakes, you can bet I tried them all.

And as a result, I was able to perfect my morning coffee routine, so now I know exactly how long it will take. Having a fresh cup of coffee can help you start your morning with a delicious kick of energy.

Create A Simple Mantra:

If you’re one of those who regularly forget their wallet, phone, or keys in the morning, it can be helpful to create an easy mantra to say to yourself before you leave.

While putting on your shoes, repeat to yourself, “Phone, wallet, keys!”.

The constant reinforcement will ensure you won’t come running back home for these items after walking out the door.

These morning habits have helped me spend my mornings a little more productively than I used to. You can also read about my morning rituals here to get inspiration for your own routine.

I’ve found that creating a positive morning routine has helped me have a more inspiring day, and I hope these tips will benefit you too.