My daughter driving, my husband in the passenger seat, and I am “happy” in the back

I’m not going to lie, as a mom of four children, driving with my teenagers is not one of my favorite moments in parenting. I would rather get a root canal, c-section or an extreme, acid peel on my face, before driving with a teenager. My daughter Priva is my fourth child now learning to drive and it has not gotten any easier for me. I will literally beg and pay anyone who is 25 and older to drive with her. When getting in the car with her, I try to remain calm and positive. Instead, I hold on to the handle on the passenger roof for dear life (what are those for anyway?), while sweating profusely. For her as well, it isn’t good because I make her a nervous wreck. I feel terrible because it makes me feel that I’m not being supportive. It doesn’t help that we live in a crazy driving city with runners, bikers and crazy drivers.

Different states have different requirements on how many hours to drive with an instructor.  In California, it is three 2 hour sessions.  I have my kids do a lot more than three.  Even though the sessions are 2 hours (yes it is long), it is better than driving with nervous parents.  I use company

The company brings their mini coopers to drive, the kids love to drive them. .  They have great, professional drivers who know the rules and what exactly the kids will be tested on during their actual driving tests.  Plus, they have the break on the passenger side in case of an emergency. Most cities have driving training companies that provide behind the wheel lessons.

kids love to drive the mini

A great idea that was presented to us by a friend is a driving contract.  When your teen gets their license and possibly is given a car to drive, it is a privilege.  With that privilege, comes a set of rules that they have to abide by which is written in this driving contract, that they have to sign.  If your teen driver goes against the rules, then the privilege of  driving may be revoked. Click below to read the contract.

Teen driving contract

After the teen reads the contract, they need to initial the areas provided and sign on the final page.  We have used this contract for all of our children.  Some have done better than others, and some have had their license taken away for a period of time.  Trust me, it is very difficult.  We as parents get used to not driving them around and it becomes inconvenient, but the safety of your teen is much more important.  We have been and still are the parents that do not allow our kids to have friends in the car for the full year.  A lot of parents do not care.  These teens are so young, they need a full year without distractions while driving.

Another idea that I suggest is to get this magnet to put on the bumper of the back of the car when your teen is driving. People are very impatient (I am) and when a driver is learning, they tend to drive a little slower, which may make people honk and scare the crap out of the driver.  You can buy these on amazon