Who would have thought that a bunch of makeup wipes that you would typically throw away would turn into a compelling, cool, piece of art?

The Wipes

About seven months ago, I helped my son Chase move into an apartment in Los Angeles. As I was unpacking a box, I came across a couple of makeup wipes that were used and looked like some of his makeup from previous drag shows. They were so colorful and fun; I mentioned that he should start saving them. Since Chase has partaken in several Drag Queen shows, he has managed to make a lot of wipes. One day in September, he laid them out on a table, took a picture and posted it on social media. One of his followers loved it so much; they recommended it to a gallery.

wipes on Chase’s kitchen table in his apartment

The Framing Studio

Once I caught wind of this, I knew we needed to get these wipes framed immediately. I knew of a fantastic framing company in Solana Beach, called Once Upon A Frame. http://www.onceuponaframe.com I have had some of my art framed at this fabulous studio and the three owners Yael, Nadia, and Jimmy are all wonderful in their unique ways. I love to go into their studio and embrace their creative energy.

Nadia, Yael, and Jimmy. I love them!

The Invite

Once I showed them the picture of the wipes and gave them my idea of how I envisioned the frame, the excitement grew and grew. I told them the story of Chase, and how the makeup wipes evolved, and it was love at first sight. They told us that they have a holiday event every year at their studio and they feature an artist. They then expressed their interest in Chase to be their featured artist for this holiday season.

The very next day, Chase came down to San Diego to bring the makeup wipes. He met the framing studio owners and of course, they loved him and he accepted the invitation to be the featured artist. Chase decided to call this show PHASES (FACES). Chase says it is called PHASES because his art is a reflection of who he is and where he is at in life. It is the phases of his life and is the face he sees when looking in the mirror.

The invite

The Frame

Chase had about 40 wipes available to frame. We decided to use 35 of them and display them in a clear acrylic lucite box. Each wipe would be nailed down in each corner and pulled out forward to give a 3D effect. The finished piece is about 3 x 4 feet. I think it turned out incredible.

Since there were additional wipes left, we decided to frame them using smaller frames. We now have 10 pieces of art available for purchase.

The event presenting PHASES is tomorrow December 5, from 6-9 pm at the Once Upon a Frame studio, 132 E. Cliff St. Encinitas, CA. There will be wine, cheese, music, and a Drag Queen of course. If you are interested in a piece of art, contact me. one of these pieces would look great in a bathroom. A fun gift for the holidays!