Recently on our family trip to Europe, two of my boys and my husband caught a nasty virus. When we arrived in Positano, Italy, my boys started to feel ill and then quickly it turned into violent vomiting and diarrhea, days later, my husband started to also feel sick. We are not sure where or how this sickness came about, but thank god for my good friend Dr. Carlos Montefusco, a pharmacist, who helped our family get back to normal. It’s definitely not fun being out of the country when you are sick or in an emergency, it’s unfamiliar, and the language barrier can be difficult.  In my experience, it was the complete opposite and the bonus about being in Positano is that almost everyone speaks English.

I knew my son was really sick because he wasn’t wanting to eat anything.  This is a child who is obsessed with food and had already researched where he wanted to eat while visiting Positano.  I knew I needed to find someone or something to help him and his symptoms. Luckily we were staying in the village of Positano near restaurants, stores, and conveniently down the street to a pharmacy.  Making sure you are aware of the pharmacy hours is important when traveling, unlike the U.S., they aren’t open all day.  Dr. Carlos was open from 10:00am-2:00pm, closed from 2:00pm-4:30pm, and then open again until 10:00pm. At this particular pharmacy, you knew if you saw the white Vespa out in front, Dr. Carlos was in.

My husband and I walked into this pharmacy desperately hoping to find something to ease the symptoms that my son was having. While it was very hot and humid outside, we were pleasantly welcomed inside with a spritz of cold water mist and introduced to Dr. Carlos.  We patiently waited while Dr. Carlos (smoking his vape pen) was waiting on other customers and even they and their poodle were sprayed with the expensive water mist.  It was our turn with the Dr. First of all, this guy happened to be good looking, sweet and very funny.  I definitely think he could have his own sitcom.

After minutes of explaining my son’s symptoms, we were sent on our way back to our villa with medication and Dr. Carlos’s phone number just in case I needed to talk with him. I have never met a pharmacist who was so personable, concerned, and most of all hilarious!  Since my son Jake started feeling ill and then my husband,  I then spent the next three days walking back and forth to visit Dr. Carlos, at least 3 times a day. The Dr. and I also started exchanging text with Whatsapp, which is a free app to use, I highly recommend when traveling.  By this time, Dr. Caros became my bestie, and because I became a “VIP” shopper, I started to get gifts with purchase.

Dr. Carlos texting me if my husband is ok?

Dr. Carlos is so funny texting me

After four full days of terrible sickness in my family, we finally resumed back to our vacation.  I want to thank Dr. Carlos for his wonderful Italian accent, his stories, and most of all his care and concern of my family. It’s not fun when your family is sick, especially in a foreign country.   If you are ever in Positano and need a little humor, smile and a laugh or a Pepto Bismol, suppository, probiotic and pain medication, definitely go and see Dr. Carlos.

I’m soooo tired here