If you wonder what the world is like at a ski resort right now, I am here to tell you. We have a home in Deer Valley, Utah, where the Deer Valley Resort is located. We have skiing for the past three days, and although it isn’t perfect, it is good enough.


Deer Valley has a certain amount of tickets that they sell per day, so the resort doesn’t feel overly crowded. It is a good idea to reserve your tickets online beforehand. If you have an Epic or Ikon pass, you have so many days to use your pass at this resort and many others.


As far as the Covid-19 protocols are at the resort, they are doing a really great job. When you get in line to wait for the chairlift, everyone social distances apart. Everyone has their nose and mouth covered with all their ski gear, so this is not an issue. The lines can be a little longer than normal due to the number of individuals going on each lift. For example, if you are skiing alone, and there is someone else skiing alone, an operator will ask you if you are ok to get on a lift with someone else.

Everyone in masks and distancing in lift lines
Lifts are safe


Eating at a restaurant in a ski resort can be challenging, but there are always options. The restaurants at the lodges where you can ski to are reservation only. Each of the lodges has a grab and go option with plenty of food and drink. The hotel resorts that are within the Deer Valley ski area are open for dining. Some reservations and some first-come, first-serve. We haven’t found it to be a problem to get a table and any of the hotels. All the restaurants are following the masks of social distance protocols.

Dining as usual

Final words

If you love being in the mountains and equally enjoy skiing, don’t be afraid to travel because of Covid-19. With everyone enjoying the outdoor winter activities, people masking and gloving up more than anywhere else. I highly recommend traveling to the mountains.