Found these babies at Flashbacks in Encinitas, Ca

There’s always a bit of a stigma attached to pre-owned items such as clothing, electronics, or even cars. Everyone wants the ‘brand new’; the novelty factor keeps us excited. Did you know that only 15% of our textile waste gets recycled? Buying second-hand clothing is eco-friendly, cheaper, and lessens the demand for slave labor and sweatshops.

What’s the one biggest drawback that prevents people from considering second-hand clothes? That’s right: it’s the fact that someone else by a stranger has worn these clothes. I know what you’re thinking, “Someone’s worn this outfit, sweated in it, done god-knows-what while wearing it. Why should I wear the same thing?!” It’s a good question, and the answer is that clothing can be washed.

Besides, quality clothes continue to look pristine for much longer than that five-dollar t-shirt you bought two months ago that faded and tore after three washes. The people who work at the vintage stores do a pretty good job of selecting quality items to resell.

There’s a misconception that only people who cannot afford anything else go to thrift stores, where they make do with the terrible clothes. If you believe this, please visit a thrift store. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find there. In addition, you will always look unique and never run into someone with the same outfit as yours.

By 2028, the used fashion market is supposed to reach $64 billion in the U.S., while regular retail fashion will only reach $44 billion. People are choosing used fashion over new clothes. I love to go to resale furniture and clothing stores. I have always loved vintage clothing and will seek out these stores in any city that I visit. My favorite stores near me that I love to shop at are Flashbacks, Goodwill, Amvets, and Buffalo exchange. In addition, there are great vintage items and Kites by Carla Manuel in Solana Beach.

I also sell my clothes to a resale store in Reno, Nevada called, owned by a friend of mine, Blythe Anderson. I ship my clothing to her, and she sends me checks for the items of mine that she has sold.

found this crossbody leather at flashbacks

Last weekend, my daughter and I traveled to Los Angeles and went to the Pasadena, Rose Bowl Flea Market, which happens once a month, every third Sunday. I have heard about this market for years, and I finally had a chance to go. I have been to several flea markets around the world; this one is the best one I have ever experienced. There are over 2500 vendors, featuring clothes, new and vintage, furniture, antiques, arts, and crafts. There is also food and drink available if you need some fuel.
My favorite vendors at this flea market are the ones who take clothing and redesign or reconstruct.

My favorite vendors at this flea market are the ones who take used clothing and redesign or reconstruct.

Flea Market
Flea market fun
Flea market reconstructed shirt
Flea market plaid dyed shirt
Flea Market find love this gauze dress
Flea Market find love this linen silk coat

I will be going back to this market, but I am hoping to spend more time there, you need a full day.

I cannot write this post without mentioning pawnshops. If you have never been to a pawn shop, I recommend visiting one; you will be surprised at all the great items that you can find. My brother’s pawn shop specializes in designer handbags, shoes, sunglasses, and much more. All of the things that you see in his store are 100% guaranteed authentic. Some of the items have brand new tags on them. Before you go out and purchase a bag at Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Hermes, go online and see what is for sale. What is fun about going into a pawn shop is that you can negotiate on prices, and at Max Pawn, you can put items on layaway.

I bought this clutch at Max Pawn-Louis Vuitton
For Sale at Max Pawn-Valentino Brogues

For sale at Max Pawn-Women’s Gucci Falacer size 9.5
For Sale at Max Pawn-Louis Vuitton Christopher backpack monogram GM Prism