Five years ago, a girlfriend of mine (Fara) suggested I get sexy boudoir pictures taken; she said, “Try it once, I promise you and your husband will love it. At that moment, I thought, why do I need to do a boudoir photoshoot at 45 years old, and how embarrassing to take almost nude photos in front of a stranger? After much debate with myself, I decided to try it; the worst-case scenario is I’m not too fond of the pictures and pretend it never happened. Guess what? I had an enjoyable experience at the Boudoir Divas It isn’t a cheap project. However, the pictures turned out amazing, and my husband loved them. Now five years later, I am going to do another shoot. You should try it!!

What is Boudoir photography?

While some may know the term ‘boudoir’ to be a derivative of the French word ‘boudeur,’ meaning sulky, or pouty more people will relate to the phrase boudoir as a lady’s private bedroom or dressing room. Boudoir photography does not mean you need to get naked, and you can be as sexy as you want to be. You can wear anything from sexy lingerie to jeans and a tank top. The photographers try to capture the sensuality and mystique of the boudoir vibe while maintaining the clients’ dignity, privacy, and above all, their boundaries.

Where do you take the photos?

There are studios all over the world. I chose the Boudoir Divas in San Diego. These photographers will coach you through the entire photoshoot, telling you what to do, how to pose, and what expression to give. You feel comfortable and relaxed. As bad as you think you may be at taking a photo, don’t you worry, the most experienced boudoir coaches will guide you. At Boudoir Divas, they offer four different shoot options. In the Studio, By The Sea, Legacy, and the Walkabout.

In Studio


In the studio, you can look as sexy “Boudoir” as you want and yes, be naked! There are several rooms with different decor, and you are completely private, just you and the photographer.

Another Boudoir Diva customer -By the Sea

By the Sea

You will take a 5-minute drive to the beach and take photos there.

Another Boudior customer-Legacy


This shoot is a 15-25 minute session where the photographers spend time getting a timeless, classic, POWERFUL image that will last your lifetime. In my opinion, this shoot is a little more serious.

The Walkabout

The Walkabout

This shoot is more of a fun, playful shoot walking through streets in San Diego. Almost like a fashion shoot.


How long does it take?

When you decide to book, plan on being on the shoot for a minimum of 3-8 hours. The time also depends on how many looks are in your package; each look is about 30-45 minutes. Hair and makeup are 1-2 hours. You can have your hair and makeup done before your shoot, but the cost will still be the same, and they do have great stylists.

What to bring?

At Boudoir Divas, they have a large selection of lingerie, bodywear, sleepwear, shoes, and accessories. They are all freshly drycleaned every day. You can use their items or bring your own.

I would also suggest bringing some snacks as you will be there for a while and will get hungry and thirsty.

Before the day of your shoot, I highly suggest to go onto Pinterest, look at some of the shoots already done, and save some of the pictures that you like, so that you can show the photographer.

Day of shoot


When you arrive at the studio, you will be offered a glass of champagne (definitely helps calm you), then you will take a tour of the studio. Next, is hair and makeup ( maybe another glass of champagne) or some chamomile tea.


Now it is time to pick out what to wear. A staff member will help style you and pick out the perfect looks.
Be sure to, at the least, bring a bunch of tiny undies to put under our outfits and some bras.

Again, you don’t have to shoot in lingerie! Bring all kinds of accessories like tanks, jackets, jeans, shorts, dresses, or anything fancy.
They also provide classic stiletto/platform heels in neutral and black, sizes 6-9 — platform heels in sizes 10 & 11.

The Shoot

Here we go! Don’t worry, the photographers fully understand the nervousness, and are great at giving some preparation thoughts and tons of pointers. They will demo each pose and expression, and talk you through the entire process.

The photographers know the MOST FLATTERING angles, poses, and lighting. After you take your first shot, you will start to loosen up, and then you will get more relaxed and comfortable.

After the shoot

After you do your shoot, you will get to view your images. How you view your images depends on which shoot you chose. You will either have the same day viewing, come back for viewing another day or an online gallery. Your package at booking should specify.

At that point, a staff member can help you select your favorite images for your book, and perhaps a framed enlargement. When looking at each image, you can tell them what you do and do not like about the picture and see if they can airbrush or edit.

Then your products go into production, where the editor airbrushes to make them magazine quality.

Then, a digital proof of your book of (8.5×11 or larger) is sent to you to approve, and it goes to the photography lab for creation!
I encourage ALL women who want to feel sexy and flirty and beautiful (no matter what size or age you are!) to GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it!

Valentine’s Day is exactly one month away. Your significant other will cherish these photos I promise. I encourage ALL women who want to feel sexy and flirty and beautiful (no matter what size or age you are!) to GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it!

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