A boat on the shore of Zanzibar beach

We’re as bummed as you are that we can’t travel because of the pandemic. Although your winter traveling list for this year may just include the grocery store, we know that you’re curious and want to learn about other countries.

Therefore, we’ve brought you a list of 4 winter destinations and what their locals are up to this winter season.

1. Tanzania

December brings color and festivity in Tanzania. It’s time for adults to gift hand-sewn, brightly colored clothes to children—more dazzling than a Christmas tree. Locals of Tanzania are obsessed with beer, called “bia” in Swahili. Many village dwellers brew their own beer and crack it open on Christmas. They eat their festive food combination of rice with spicy meat and chapati.

2. Peru

The Andean community in Cusco is known for reading coca leaves to get a glimpse of the year. It’s a spiritual practice that has been continuing since the Inca civilization in the 1400s. They toss the leaves in the air and predict the proceeding years through how they fall on the ground.

In Cusco, Manos Unidas Café serves the best coffee and food in town and provides vocational training to people with intellectual disabilities. 

 bird’s eye view of a valley in Vietnam

3. Vietnam

Although Vietnam is a Buddhist country, Vietnamese people celebrate the holidays with a great festive spirit. Families come together and exchange gifts and share food. People gather on the street to see throngs of bikers racing around Ho Chi Minh City under bright lights. In Hanoi, local shops for winter clothes and scarves at the Old Quarter before they have their rich egg coffee and hearty bowls of delicious Pho.

4. Brazil

Brazil’s sultry samba soundtracks are a perfect homage to its never-ending summer days. The sea is warm. The sun is hot. The closest Brazilians can experience snow is through its sandy beaches. Christmas in Brazil is a testament to Brazil’s celebration of culture and rich heritage.

A local street in El-Salvador, Brazil

Gastromotiva is a zero-waste culinary school in Rio de Janeiro, teaching students from socioeconomically disadvantaged households how to cook great food sustainably. After 6 months of training, the students get jobs in local restaurants and a chance to advocate the message of going zero-waste. When in Rio, you can indulge in the heavenly food prepared by these cooks.

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